My Firm's History

I have been practicing law for 33 years and have successfully represented over 500 personal injury clients. Their claims included automobile, motorcycle, workplace, dogbite and professional malpractice and insurance claims. I have also successfully completed numerous business, stockbroker and landowner disputes. As an Arbitration Chairman for the New York Stock Exchange I undertook the role of a judge in several cases. This provided invaluable experience as to analysis of cases from the point of view of a judge and jury. Also l recovered the largest settlement ($575,000) of a stockbroker abuse claim in North East Ohio history. My opponents were too large east coast law firms and six opposing attorneys. My sole thorough case preparation obtained the settlement.

A very important aspect of personal injury claims is a thorough knowledge of medical treatment. I am very well versed in orthopedics, chiropractic, physical therapy, diagnostic testing and emergency room medical procedures. Are you to the most advisable medical provider and several of which will wait to be paid until your case is concluded. This solves the problem of your attaining appropriate medical treatment without the burden of immediate expense.

Insurance claims are extremely complicated. Proof of liability or the cost of an accident, insurance coverage, insurance subrogation or reimbursement of your claim payments all need to be correctly administered. I have successfully completed hundreds of such claims with excellent results for my clients.