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Feel free to send an email or call me to discuss your case. Please be ready to provide as much detail as possible including all documents and paperwork that you already have. If you have been contacted by an insurance company their claim number can speed up the process.

If you've been injured:

The first goal is to obtain appropriate medical treatment. There are always many options as to medical providers and I can provide exact advice as to the physician and therapy that will best suit your needs.

Initially, you should not agree interviews by insurance adjusters. Regardless of how friendly they may be there principal goal is to save the company money by reducing the value of your claim. Such interviews are ok after you understand your entitlements and obligations. Their recordings of you are not acceptable.

The cause of the accident should be immediately investigated. This is so evidence and necessary proof can be preserved. Even though you were not at fault for the accident the burden of proof will be upon you and your attorney to prove all of your claims. Quick action by a highly experienced attorney is the best way to prevail.

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