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Attorney Gatien did an excellent job of coordinating the payment for all of my medical bills. Also, his recommendations of the best treating physicians for my injuries were very helpful…
Thurl H.

I was injured at a job site that was caused by the negligence of other contractors. Attorney Gatien filed a lawsuit that was opposed by three insurance lawyers. The trial judge was very complementary of his work and the opposing lawyers efforts to try and have the case thrown out was denied. This resulted in a favorable settlement…
Jeff M.

I incurred several different injuries as a result of an automobile accident. Attorney Gatien understood the medical aspects completely and very accurately sorted out prior injuries from new ones. This greatly enhanced my recovery…

I was in a very violent automobile crash and incurred a serious hip fracture. I was not given definitive advice as to whether to have surgery. Attorney Gatien arranged for my consultation with an expert Orthopedic Surgeon in order to determine the appropriate medical procedures. I was given an excellent medical and legal advice…
Margarita G.

Attorney Gatien worked very hard for me and filed a lawsuit for my injury claim when many other lawyers would have taken the insurance company’s quick settlement. The results were outstanding and he greatly increased my compensation…

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