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What happens when you are in an accident

I have successfully completed over 500 personal injury cases. This includes automobile, motorcycle and truck accidents, dog bite incidents, and slip and fall in retail stores such as grocery stores.

It is also important that an injured person should seek help from the correct medical provider in order to resolve injuries in a manner that will stand up in court. I have a thorough knowledge of medical practices including Emergency Physician, Orthopedics, Neurology, Physical therapy and Chiropractic. I can refer you to the correct medical provider who will also wait to be paid from the conclusion of your case if you do not have health care insurance.

Personal injury cases also require a coordination of various insurance coverages such as auto medical payments coverage, healthcare insurance, Medicare & Medicaid, coverage for the party at fault. Subrogation or the repayment entitlement by the injured person's insurance company is also an important aspect. I routinely deal with all of these matters and will take care of them for you.

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